VH1 invites fans to attend Hip Hop Honors screening and party

As a fundraiser for its Save the Music Foundation, VH1 is selling tickets to a screening and official after-party for the Hip Hop Honors on October 7. Guests will watch the show as it is being taped live at the Hammerstein Ballroom from the after-party location at Providence (311 West 57th Street, NYC). It won't be as nice as being inside the Hammerstein Ballroom where the action is going on, but it will be better than being on the sidewalk outside the venue or sitting at home like a schmuck.

The after-party offers an open bar, food, and -- this is where it gets interesting -- music by Mix Master Mike. A warning: Fans shouldn't be disillusioned by the "official" status of the party. Celebrities do not normally attend events that fans can purchase entrance into. It is, however, for charity, so it's anyone's guess if someone interesting will attend the after-party. In any case, the Save the Music Foundation is a great organization that will benefit from fans attending this event.

Tickets to the screening and after-party are $150, or $100 for only the after-party. To purchase tickets, fill out the order form [pdf] and email rsvp@vh1.com (put "Hip Hop Honors" in the subject line).


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