Time for reviewin'

The UK media continue to review Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!

The Daily Telegraph (London) decided one review of Awesome wasn't enough, so  it sent critic Mike McCahill to the cinema. In his review, McCahill calls the Beastie Boys' film a "neat idea" and smartly likens the film's chopping-and-dicing editing to the Beastie Boys' music sampling in their songs.

The Times (London) also felt one review of the film wasn't enough. Kevin Maher of The Times describes the band as a "tirelessly inventive hip-hop phenomenon" and says the film "captures the sense of raging communal release, and the freedom to be found in controlled anarchy." Maher gives thumbs up to the set list and awards the film three stars out of five.

Mark Kermode of The Observer (London) calls the film "indulgent fun" that gets its strength from enthusiastic fans -- both the audience and camera operators. Kermode says the film's rough edges help to retain the "raucous atmosphere of the concert."

Jason Solomons of the Mail on Sunday (London) says, "It's a decent gig, the sound is pretty good, but it looks just terrible."

Mark Adams of the Sunday Mirror (London) briefly summarizes the film as "fun at times, but mainly for fans." Adams awards the film three stars out of five.


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