Being bad news is what they're all about

Mp3 blog Captain's Dead is offering a vintage Beastie Boys show to download in mp3 format. Although Captain's Dead claims the show's date was May 16, 1985, lists this show as being on March 23, 1987, at Cleveland's Public Hall. Believe's date. They know their stuff.

Slow and Low
The New Style
She's Crafty
Time to Get Ill
She's on It
Paul Revere
Rhymin' & Stealin'
Posse in Effect
Slow Ride
Slow Ride (Continued) [not an instrumental as noted]
Hold It Now, Hit It
No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn

The highlight of the show is the sweet Aerosmith opening to a pumped version of "Slow and Low." The lowlight is Adam Yauch's complimenting a girl for her "beautiful pair of tits" before "Time to Get Ill."


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