"...it’s very similar to the way I like to work on music videos, or we work on music. We just kinda play around with stuff, and if it sounds right and looks right, then that’s good."
--Adam Yauch, on editing
Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!
The Boston Phoenix scored an interview with Mr. Yauch, who is ever-so-serious these days. The transcript of the journalist's conversation with Yauch is more interesting to read than the final article. (If you can find the audio link referenced in the transcript, I'll mail you an Awesome promo postcard.)

E! Online offers a more light-hearted interview with Yauch, who explains Ben Stiller's appearance in the film.

For the completists out there, a less interesting interview with Yauch can be found at MadBlast, and a barely readable interview with the band is located at Dish Magazine.


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