Reading goggles required

Attending the Wisconsin Film Festival has put me behind on reviewing press. Much of the press about the Beastie Boys circulating now is repetitive, with very little new information being revealed. Still, repetitive press is better than no press. Right?

If you're interested in what Adam Horovitz loves about Minneapolis and his view on the band's status today, check out The Star Tribune's interview with the band while they were in Austin, Texas, for South by Southwest.
"We've reached a point where we're kind of in the category of 'Catcher in the Rye' or 'On the Road.' At a certain age, you're just supposed to listen to us. A guy who listened to us when he was 16 passes our CD along to his kid brother when he's 16, that sort of thing."
The Guardian also spoke to the Beastie Boys at South by Southwest, and the result is a rather dry but intelligent write-up about the film. Perhaps the most interesting detail in this article is the band are currently working on "fine extra bits" for the dvd release of Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!

The Plain Dealer has a short but worthwhile interview with the band.
Very few bands in this business stay together for any length of time. How do you make it work?
It's difficult.
Mike D: It's trying. It's hard on me because Adam is abusive to me. I got to hand him a beating once in a while.
MCA: And it's hard for me to watch that. It's hard for me to watch the pain between these two.
If you're looking for additional laughs, read Entertainment Weekly's interview with the band, in which it confuses "Time to Get Ill" with "No Sleep Til Brooklyn" (which was not performed at the show that was filmed).

Finally, if you're up for the challenge of interpreting nonsense, read a transcript of the Beastie Boys Q&A after the New York premiere of Awesome. The transcriber does not clearly identify who says what (who the hell is B?!), but if you know the personalities, you should be able to figure it out.


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