Yauckles the Clown

Sorry, I have no exciting updates on the Beastie Boys for y'all, but I do have two new photos to entertain you.

The first photo comes from Matthew S., from Milwaukee, who attended the premiere of Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! at the Sundance Film Festival. He caught Adam Yauch as the band arrived at the theater and requested a photo with him.

Charming expression, no?

The next photo is missing a full explanation. Of who?, what?, where?, when?, and why?, I can only provide limited information.

Who: Yauch, Ian Rogers (avec le mic) with his daughter Zoe, and a technician dude
What: Looks like an interview to me
Where: Yahoo! Cafe at Park City, Utah
When: During the Sundance Film Festival
Why: Unknown

So, keep your ears open for a new audio interview with Monsieur Yauch at Yahoo.com, Beastieboys.com, or possibly Zoe's radio show. I inquired about the interview to the appropriate persons and no one was willing to divulge anything. You'd think that I asked for the secret recipe of Bush's Baked Beans...


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