Q&A with "Paul's Boutique" author

Beastiemania.com, the exhaustively comprehensive Beastie Boys' fan site, is accepting questions for a Q&A it is conducting with Dan LeRoy, the author of the forthcoming book Paul's Boutique. LeRoy's book, to be published by Continuum, reveals the untold story of the album many fans and critics consider to be the Beastie Boys' masterpiece. The book contains new interviews with many of the people involved in the creation of the album -- including Mike D, the Dust Brothers, and producer Matt Dike -- as well as previously unpublished photos by Ricky Powell. You may read outtakes from LeRoy's book at Beastiemania.com: "Dressing for Success at the G-Spot" and "The Beasties vs. The Beatles."

Send your questions about the Paul's Boutique era to LeRoy in care of Beastiemania.com (indicate LeRoy's name in the subject field). Beastiemania.com will publish LeRoy's answers to your questions shortly before the book's release date on March 15.


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