Straight outta Manhattan: New remix by Adrock

Adam Horovitz has created a remix of Tune-Yards' "Gangsta" -- a song from the artist's 2011 album w h o k i l l -- for a remix EP released yesterday. The EP, which includes a remix by Cut Chemist, is available as a digital download at the iTunes store.

1. Gangsta
2. Gangsta (Ad Rock Remix)
3. Gangsta (Cut Chemist Remix)
4. Gangsta (Instrumental)
5. Gangsta (Acapella)


tUnE-yArDs - Gangsta (Ad-Rock Remix) by thisisfakediy

4AD, the label putting out the EP, is offering Horovitz' remix as a free download at its website.

A limited edition vinyl release of the EP will be available on September 12.


11:50 AM erma said...

this makes me happy. thanks!

2:58 PM Emily said...

Me likey too!

3:21 PM Verte said...

Why is it available at itunes but not Amazon?

3:43 PM guest1608111141 said...


3:50 PM Saber said...

@Verte It is on Amazon. Looks like Amazon forgot to make the downloads active.

9:22 PM Renata said...

MUITO BOM!! Cara, a música é muito boa.. mas com o adrock...OMG! =)

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