Beastie Boys contribute to auction to help Japan

Beastie Boys are among the artists who have contributed to an auction to benefit relief efforts in Japan. Proceeds from the EMI Family 4 Japan eBay Auction will go to help people affected by the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. EMI will match funds raised by the auction up to €1 million.

The Beastie Boys items in the auction are:

1. A signed set of BAPE dolls [VIEW ITEM]
2. A signed Hello Nasty gold album [VIEW ITEM]
3. A signed Beastie Boys Japanese Moon Man [VIEW ITEM]

The auction ends April 21.


8:21 PM Emily said...

I <3 Beastie Boys for helping Japan. I wish I could get the dolls.

8:29 PM Saber said...

I didn't realize people still use ebay.

8:52 PM Kevin said...

It's weird the dolls have the lowest bid of the 3 items when they're what most fans want the most.

9:07 PM Billson said...

I want the signed Katy Perry poster

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