Like the band, the message board is on hiatus

I have received many queries about the status of the Beastie Boys Message Board. Everyone asks the same thing: "What's up with the board? Why is it down?" Unfortunately, I do not have any answers. No one has reported witnessing another hacking, so I can only assume that it's down for maintenance reasons. I contacted an administrator and will share anything I learn from him here.

In the meantime, fans can communicate with one another at a number of places. For starters, you can communicate at this site via the comment feature in the blog. A Yahoo 360 account is free and simple to use. Very soon, I intend to offer something cool to all people who are registered as a friend to this site. So register now if you want to be in on that fun.

Another place you can communicate with other fans is at the Beastie Boys group, which is moderated by Midzi. You can watch and discuss more than 200 Beastie Boys-related videos.

BBMB member Timmie has a forum at his Beastie Boys fan site, but not a lot of dialogue is going on there at the moment. Perhaps you can change that.

Finally, many BBMB regulars are communicating with one another at You can find me on here.

Update (5/9): The board is down because it was hacked again.


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