It's hard to be a Beastie Boys fan

Have you noticed how most established artists have a lot of fan sites devoted to them? Have you ever wondered why the Beastie Boys -- a band with a long, successful career -- have so few fan sites? I can tell you why: They are not active enough to have anything to write about. The band work at a snail's pace and communicate little information about their future projects. It's a wonder that they have any fanbase with the way they operate and communicate.

I created this site for Beastie Boys fans, not as some shrine to the band. The information and articles that I link to are with the fans in mind. I don't make judgements about what is interesting or not interesting. Every fan has an angle of interest that differs from another fan. For example, I don't find it particularly interesting to read about one of the band being sighted in a restaurant in New York City; however, a fan who is a chef in New York City might find that same information highly interesting. Follow?

My angle of interest in the band has always been and always will be live performance, which I sadly predict there will be none for a very long time. Knowing that no concerts are in the near future makes it difficult for me to want to write about the band or even try to follow what they might be doing -- especially when I am on the road following one of my favorite bands on tour and have other interests. I will, however, continue to maintain this site for all the great Beastie Boys fans I have come to know. Please contribute articles and information when you can to keep this site alive.


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