Making music with Adam Horovitz

Propellerhead, the maker of music software Reason, recently taped a video interview with Adam Horovitz in his home studio. In the interview (above), Horovitz discusses sampling and his approach to making music.

An outtake video (below) has Horovitz sharing stories about the Beastie Boys early days.

Both videos are available to download at Propellerhead's website.


9:49 PM Emily said...

It's like Christmas! First the great news about Yauch and now these videos with Adrock. I am a very happy Beastie Boys fan. :)

10:12 PM Junebug said...

It's funny to see how serious he can be when he doesn't have Yauch and Mike sitting next to him.

11:21 PM LSC said...

Wow these videos are fantastic, especially the second one.

I agree with Junebug, it's amazing how much more focused he is without the other two around.

8:40 AM Elz87 said...

Nice interview. I don't recall ever seeing him speak so straight-forward before. It's always monkeytalk with those Beasties.

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3:32 PM Penny said...


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