Back-Alley Beastie Boys

Enjoy this photoset of the Beastie Boys taken by Emilie Sandy in London in June 2009. Sandy took the photos for use in a UK magazine. In her blog, Sandy shared, "They were really nice guys and were extremely easy to work with...just shows their shooting experience throughout the years."


9:34 PM Emily said...

I miss them very much. :(

I love the photos! :)

11:36 PM Fittonia said...

I have a box labeled 'Beastie Boys'. I hear crickets when I open it.

11:47 PM YauchieJo said...

They are so gorgeous! Great photos!! I am staying optimistic about the new album. ;)

2:17 PM Hot Sauce said...

I'm having a hard time remembering their names. Are they Larry, Harry, and Gary?

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