The best of 'Rappin' with the Rickster' on dvd

Ricky Powell has compiled a new dvd containing the best clips from his early 90s cable access show, "Rappin' with the Rickster." The two-disc dvd set includes interviews and footage of the Beastie Boys, Russell Simmons, Cypress Hill, Sonic Youth, and Kool Keith among others. (Click on the image at left to view the dvd contents list.)

The clips on the dvd were pulled from Powell's original analog masters, so the quality is much better than the VHS-sourced clips fans have posted at Youtube. (View some clips HERE, HERE, and HERE.)

The dvd, aptly titled Rappin' with the Rickster, may be purchased at and other online outlets. According to the distributor, the dvd's official release date is tomorrow, July 27. Please note that the dvd is a region 1 dvd (United States and Canada).

Powell recently did an interview with Conspiracy Worldwide Hip Hop Radio in the UK that Beastie Boys' fans will appreciate. Powell talks about his time with the Beastie Boys in the past and where he stands with them now. Powell definitively puts the question of beef between the band and him at rest.

There is no beef. "I never hang with them as a unit anymore...Adrock gives me dues and respect," he says. Powell attributes his not hanging with them now to his being a "bohemian, swingin' bachelor" and the band being married with children. Powell summarizes it all with the explanation, "Their wives don't really dig me."

Stream or download and listen to the 34-minute interview HERE (see the download link at the right of the Play button). The interview is highly recommended.


11:03 PM evilk said...

ricky powell keeps it real..i'll be copping the dvd fo sho.

5:49 AM Kurtis said...

Ricky has a million stories to tell. I look forward to seeing the dvd.

6:15 PM arch enemy said...

The DJ owes Cey and Glen an apology. He murdered their names.

6:40 PM gk78 said...

Good interview with the Rickster. He was there when it all happened.

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