The Dirty-Dirty interview with Mike D

Buzz 103.1 radio in West Palm Beach, Florida, recently posted audio of an interview it conducted with Mike Diamond in February 2008. The interview was done to promote the Beastie Boys performance at the Langerado Festival in March 2008. Whether the audio ever aired or has been shared before this week is unknown. (It's new to us.)

In the interview, Mike talks about the Beastie Boys recording Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 1. Although there are no revelations about the album in this interview, it's worth a listen because it is Mike being Mike.


10:59 PM Emily said...

I like the way Mike says 'theater'. :)

7:15 AM Merlin said...

When are we going to get an update on HSC? Is it a go?

8:16 AM Hot Sauce said...

@Merlin: The record label is preparing for the album's release in September, but it doesn't mean that it's definitely going to be released. Everything hinges on Yauch's status. Yauch hasn't made any comments recently on that topic, so it's unclear.

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