Beastie Boys track on benefit CD gets leaked after 15 years on the shelf

A nameless former A&R assistant for Columbia Records has posted an unreleased 1995 planned benefit CD for Leonard Peltier, an American activist and member of the American Indian Movement who was convicted and sentenced in 1977 to life imprisonment for the murder of two FBI agents during a 1975 shootout on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. During Peltier's trial and following his conviction, there was debate over his guilt and the fairness of his trial.

The benefit CD was planned to help raise awareness of Peltier's situation and help pay for his legal fees. Beastie Boys were among the artists who supported Peltier and contributed a song to the album. The Beastie Boys also supported Peltier by performing at the Leonard Peltier benefit concert in April 1994, which was organized by Rage Against the Machine.

The album is available to download in full HERE, where you can read more about Peltier's case. Alternatively, you may download or listen to an mp3 of just the Beastie Boys song, titled "(R)Evolution Time," HERE. The song is an early, unmastered version of "Resolution Time."

Please note that the songs on the album have not been mastered.

Exiled in the Land of the Free - A Benefit Album for Leonard Peltier

"Leonard Peltier In a Cage" - The Goats
"Stick It Out" - New Bomb Turks
"Wake Up (Live)" - Rage Against the Machine
"Land of the Free Disease" - Corrosion of Conformity
"I Saw it Move" - Chavez
"If Only (demo)" - Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age)
"Long Ago" - Beaver Chef
"I Can Still Feed Myself Thanks" - Superchunk
"Just a Patsy" - Helmet
"Atomic Garden" - Bad Religion
"Punishment" - Silica Gel
"Spirits" - Giant Sand
"¿Do The Digs Dug?" - The Goats
"Clean Slate (Live)" - Quicksand
"(R)Evolution Time" - Beastie Boys
"Scumbag" - Biohazard
"Redman" - Brother Sun
"Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing (Live)" - Mike Watt
"The Punchline" - Zack De La Rocha and Corrosion of Conformity
"Greetings from Leonard Peltier" - Leonard Peltier


6:39 PM Saber said...


10:53 PM Fittonia said...

A Yauch-centric Beastie Boys song is hitting the spot. Love, love, loving it!

11:59 PM Kevin said...

Did this song come before or after Resolution Time?

12:03 AM Hot Sauce said...

This song is an unmastered version of "Resolution Time," which appears on the "Get It Together" single. Some of the instrumentation is slightly different. More on "Resolution Time" here:

12:07 AM Kevin said...

Thanks for the link. The lyrics are the same but the two versions don't sound the same. Do you know anything about the sample at the beginning?

12:09 AM Hot Sauce said...

Sorry, no.

12:56 AM Fittonia said...

So the song is not so unique?? I don't have the Get It Together single or remastered version of Ill Comm. I never heard the song before. It sucks being poor and not being able to buy all your fave band's releases.

1:05 AM Hot Sauce said...

The song IS unique because we rarely get to hear unmastered/raw Beastie Boys tracks.

11:37 AM Marco78 said...

The songs are interesting to hear after all this time...especially the RATM songs. I wonder if the bands are cool with the songs getting leaked.

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