A minute with Adam Yauch

Source: MSG.com

Adam Yauch is unwinding from all his hard work on the Beastie Boys' new album by taking in some basketball. He was spotted at the Knicks-Cavaliers game at Madison Square Garden earlier this week, as well as the Knicks-Trail Blazers game a few weeks ago. At the latter game, Yauch found a minute to talk with Jill Martin [see above video].


12:01 AM Fittonia said...

Cool clip! I wonder what kind of unorthodox game he plays.

12:59 PM funkyfour said...

it means he cheats

7:08 PM b-grrrlie said...

I could only see a commercial... :(

12:05 AM Hot Sauce said...

B-grrrlie, try this link instead: http://video.msg.com/Videos/New-York-Knicks/jAi01Ypg2JuLsIU_AazcXHj2_bGW_SrL

You have to suffer through an Applebee's commercial before you can see the video.

1:26 AM Emily said...

MCA looks so happy :)

6:38 PM Anonymous said...

Nice reunion. It put a smile on my face.

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