More Beastie related docs

News-up for some Beastie related guys, who are featured in other documentaries. First of is Talib Kweli, who did some warm-up shows on the Pageant tour. Remember the photo shoot he did with the Beasties and Kanye West for Complex? It looks like this was also filmed, and now featured in his movie Nonstop Movie Works. Only time will show, if we get more Beastie in this one.

Also Bill McMullen, the Beastie friend who has made several stuff for the Boys amongst the TT5B promo "The Hiatus Is Back Off Again", has a little something going on. He is featured in the Vinyl Frontier movie by Daniel Zanaand, and there's a video on youtube with him, where he talks about a toy of his, which Yauch (today's birthday kid) also has. Look at what is hanging behind him.

And another place, where a Beastie is featured, is in the new episode of Tamra Davis' Cooking Show, where Mike and his big hair is in yet again.


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