Classic Beastie Boys radio interview

Photos by Glen E. Friedman

We received an email from photographer Glen E. Friedman, who directs us to a 1985 radio interview that the Beastie Boys did with KXLU.

Friedman recalls:
I set this up for them when they came to L.A. for the very first time opening for Madonna. I was showing them around town and brought them to my friend Adam Bomb's radio show...This shit is really funny.
Part 1:
Part 2:

Friedman points out that the radio show contains some classic tunes, including Russell Rush's (aka Russell Simmons) rap on Jazzy Jay's record produced by Rick Rubin, and a live version of "Beastie Groove," the Beastie Boys' current record at the time.

Friedman also shared the photos of the Beastie Boys that he took outside the KXLU studio just after the show.


11:11 AM Anonymous said...

awesome! the photos & radio show are dope

11:19 AM Anonymous said...

What is the Beastie way?

"Getting loose"


11:31 AM Hot Sauce said...

The live version of "Beastie Groove" is hilarious. I especially like all the fart noises.

11:50 AM Unknown said...

MCA: Are we allowed to say 'penis' on air?

12:20 PM Anonymous said...

The podcast and photos are gems. More please!

12:55 PM Fittonia said...

Adrock's Jamaican accent is stupid funny.

2:04 PM Anonymous said...

I love the pics and interview! Thanks!

2:20 PM Klepto said...

yaaaaay, thanks for that, M! i woke up with this stupid headache that was driving me crazy, but then i came here and it made me so happy my headache went away. well, it could've been a coincidence that my medicine just started working, but i think those beazley boys done did it. :D

1:00 PM Anonymous said...

this is pretty cool. how nice of him to show this.

12:42 PM Spiffy D said...

How did these doofuses ever become such good musicians and make such great music for so many years????


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