Mike D and Adrock guest on new Public Enemy album

Public Enemy’s new album What You Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down dropped today. Mike D and Adrock contributed vocals to the song “Public Enemy Number Won.”

🎵 Listen HERE.

Beastie Boys Live at Bonnaroo

The Beastie Boys' final concert at the Bonnaroo Music Festival on June 12, 2009, was filmed by Roman Coppola. It premiered yesterday (September 24, 2020) on the Bonnaroo official Youtube channel as part of "Bonnaroo Presents Virtual ROO-ALITY."

Update: The video was available on Bonnaroo's official Youtube channel for a short time. The above video is a fan posting of the concert.

Beastie Boys Story official trailer

The film will be screened in select IMAX theaters on April 2, and air on Apple TV+ beginning on April 24.